Welcome Dutch Run-Archery 2016

28 feb
Dutch Run-Archery CUP with 4 matches

Calender Competition in the Netherlands

Make reservations ans spread the news:

  • Lichtenvoorde: 23 april
  • Apeldoorn: 28 mei
  • Zoetermeer: 24 september ((NK)
  • Wageningen: 12 november

Suscribe now: http://www.handboogsport.nl/runarchery/kalender-runarchery/

There is a flyer for athletes. Runarchery_flyer_A5_sporters.pdf 

Translation of content:

Run-Archery: More then just running

Are you into running but do you want to make the combination with another great concentration sport; then Run-Archery will be your challenge.

What exactly is it?

It is a biatlon combination of running and archery. It originates from the East European countries where it  is practice as a spectacular version on the winterbiatlon.

What makes it so challenging?

The combination of running with a high hartbeat in contrast with the needed low heartbeat when shooting. For the sporter it is: finding the balance, keeping the focus and yet get the best out of you. You should try it!

Set up of a match day

During a match day you need to run two heats; the first heat is to qualify for the finals or semi finals. One heat consists out of 4 rounds of running of 1000m.  After the first 3 rounds you have to shoot 3 arrows. If you miss (what you won’t do) you are penalised with an extra 100 meters before going into the next round.  For one heat you need 9 arrows. During the running you carry your bow. The targets have diameter of 20 cm.The adults shoot at a distance of 20 meters. The youth shoot at a distance of 15 meter.

In 2016 four matches

Since 2015 in the Netherlands there is a Cup competion. It is supported by the NHB.

Also our neigbouring countries are invited.  You dont’t need te be a member of a dutch club. The competion is open for everybody interested to partake

23 april 2016 Lichtenvoorde

28 may 2016 Apeldoorn

24 septembre 2016 Zoetermeer (open dutch national championship)

12 november 2016  Wageningen (NEW)

Learn shooting

Archery is something you can learn. Look in your region for an Archery club. Often special package deals are offered; they learn you the basics of shooting and they make you familiar with the materials. Our experience is that after a few leasons you will be able to hit the targets. During the first year you can use the materials of these clubs when partaking into a competionon match. 

Do you want more information?

For general information please look on http:/www.handboogsport.nl/runarchery

If you are interested, have other questions, or want to take part into the competion please subscribe to:  runarchery@handboogsport.nl 


We start with a newletter; some part out of it:

Who are we?

Yes the first dutch Newsletter about Run Arhcery. We have noticed a lot people showing an increasing interest in this very challenging sport. We think this is the right moment to give this sport a strong and encourgaging boost.  

In the Netherlands we have orginesed ourselfs as the Run-Archery project group. We are directly supported by the Dutch handbow association NHB. Our goal is to promote, to encourage and to facilitate this great sport. We meet on a regular base and (as the dutch can do) discuss a lot of things.  A lot of it is very fun and interesting.  With this Newslette we will share the most interesting things. Do you know people who are also interessted please don’t hasitated and be free to pass it on. If you have any ideas, suggestions of question please let us know too.

This year we will publish this newletter 4 times. It will be distrubeted by email, facebook etc.

Workshops and more traininglocations

The main goal for 2016 is to set up more trainingslocations in the Netherlands. We think it is best to do this at the existing archery clubs. They have the materials, safe shooting range’s, and experience in training archery. We are willing to support the local archery clubs by giving workshops and to deliver specific instruction materials.

During the workshops we explain the in-and outs of the Run-Archery and the needed materials. During the workshop time is also taken to combine the shooting with the running. It is important to experience it. When a workshop is given we will bring the orginal run-archery hit-down-targets . It is not a must to use these for the regular training but honestly it is more fun.  However a target of 20 cm will also do.

At the moment there are 3 locations in the Netherlands where run archery is trained on a regular base, this is in Apeldoorn, Lichtenvoorde and Zoetermeer.


The new hit-down-targets

In 2013 during the open dutch Run Archery Championship we have introduced the new hit down targets. It was a great succes. It definitly added a more seriously and professional appareance to the sport. Nothing is so rewarding to hit the target and to see it going down.

Last winter we have spent a lot of time finetuning these targets again and make them available for a wide market.  We hope a lot of archery clubs will order a few to motivate this sport. Besides other sports like survival running have shown interest in this targets too. We feel it is importanted that these targets are widely distributed to promote the sport.

The targets are constructed in such way that they are easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to be transported.  In a normal car you can easily fit 3 complete targets in the boot of the car. If you have any interest please let us know.

Other items fot the newsletters:

  • How to do your training for the archery skills
  • How to do your trianing for running
  • What to expect at a match day
  • What bow equipment is needed
  • Why is body excersise so important
  • New ideas for promotion
  • Which market groups can we approach
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